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Elmer - Nicaraguan Pastor     Raul - Nicaraguan Pastor
Elmer & Raul - Pastors in Nicaragua

BMDMI builds churches and trains Nicaraguan pastors to lead them.  The churches are rather remotely located, often several hours from each other.  Most of the pastors are bi-vocational and have very limited transportation available.  This frequently leaves them feeling alone, in need of encouragement and refreshment.  For a long time the pastors have expressed that they give all they have to care for their flock.  But they wish that they had someone to care for them in much the same way.  They have asked for someone to share with and pray with.  Sometimes, they also just wish for a partner to work side by side with them, sharing the burden.  In July of 2015, while visiting with the BMDMI Nicaragua Field Director, Darrel Johnson, and serving with a medical/dental team, Mark & Diane Shade were called to care for the pastors, like Barnabas.Mark & Diane have a real desire to serve the pastors and their families and partner with them to reach the people of Nicaragua.

Juan y Romanos - Santa Biblia     Manna-Pack - Food for the Body

Food For The Soul - Food For the Body

A “Manna Pack” is a pre-portioned mixture of rice, soy and other nutrients, vegetables, vitamins and minerals that serves a family of 6.  Simply add water and boil!  There are a number of specific names or brands of such food packs.  These kinds of food packs are distributed all over the world in places where there are hungry people.  Also pictured above is the cover of a copy of John & Romans from The Bible, in Spanish.  This scripture book is the spiritual equivalent of a Manna Pack.  John & Romans are enough to get a lost person saved and to encourage them to find and join a local church.  Working in partnership with an Oklahoma ministry and an Oklahoma church, BMDMI has a nearly unlimited supply of the Manna Packs and the scripture copies.  Mark & Diane Shade will work with the Nicaraguan pastors in their local churches to help distribute these two vital materials.  Jesus often met the physical needs of the lost before meeting their spiritual needs.  Imagine - feeding the hungry (physically) and sharing The Gospel with them at the very same time.  In line with the goal of encouraging and supporting the pastors, Mark & Diane Shade will work with the pastors to offer both food for today - and salvation for eternity to their fellow Nicaraguans.

Shipping Pallet     Bookkeeping/Accounting

Logistics & Accounting

BMDMI operations in Nicaragua have grown considerably in recent years.  With 23+ teams each year, 33+ churches, the Mount of Olives Christian School, the Dwight Carr Bible Institute, the Emmanuel Home of Protection, and several new ministries being launched, there is real need for additional administrative and logistical support.  Working to receive, store and inventory the inbound shipments for the teams, Mark & Diane will serve to help organize and track the team supplies.  Additionally, they will employ a variety of computer and technical skills to help streamline the management of the team supplies and shipments.Along with the growth of ministries in Nicaragua, the need for assistance with bookkeeping has grown.  As new ministries are born and existing ministries grow, the need for additional bookkeeping assistance has also increased.  As Diane has a number of years of experience in bookkeeping and accounting, Diane & Mark will serve in this area as needed.

Additional Areas of Service

There are a few other areas that Mark & Diane may be serving in the near future as well.  BMDMI operates sewing schools through the local churches.  These schools teach the ladies of the village how to sew, basic knowledge about making clothing and other sewn items, and helps the ladies to qualify for jobs.  This in turn enables the ladies to help provide for their familes.  Additionally, it enables them to make their own clothing and that for their family as well.

Lastly, Mark will be working with other BMDMI missionaries to help develop an online system that encompasses many facets of the team ministries, shipments, and other information-driven operations.  

Mark & Diane Shade

God provides! August-13-2015
Thank you God for all that you provide for us!  You provide for our needs before we even know we have a need!

Wisdom & Strength August-13-2015
Please pray that God would fill Diane & I with His wisdom & strength.  We have many decisions to make and much work to do to be ready to

Seek ye first... August-13-2015
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

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