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Welcome to the website for the Ministry of The Shades, in Nicaragua!

We are Mark & Diane Shade - missionaries to Nicaragua, through BMDMI.

Below is an important update about the situation in Nicaragua, our continuing ministry there and our hopeful return.


We arrived in the US on April 10th for a regular short furlough to visit our family, friends and ministry partners in the Oklahoma area.  We were scheduled to return to Nicaragua May 22nd.

The time in the US to visit with many of you was wonderful!  God was so very generous and poured out blessings on our ministry and on us in so many amazing ways!  The list is too long to share here, but God made it clear that our time in Nicaragua is no where near over.

However, on April 19th a series of protests began to grow in Nicaragua.  It eventually spilled over into a very tense situation, including some violence.  As we continued to monitor this problem, we watched and prayed with BMDMI to seek God's will in regard to our return to Nicaragua and the 2018 summer missions teams to Nicaragua.

On Friday, June 1st, BMDMI cancelled the summer short term teams to Nicaragua for 2018.  They are trying to move as many as possible to Honduras for this year.  Through this process we have also worked with our leadership to determine what and when our path should be in regards to returning to Nicaragua.  This is indeed a complicated situation.

Please know that we are committed to continuing our ministry in Nicaragua!  Our hearts have been knitted together with those of our pastors and people there.  While we do not know what or when our next step will be but we are truly seeking God's leading and clear direction for us and our ministry.

If we are not able to return to Nicaragua at this moment, BMDMI has other opportunities to serve in Honduras for a time.  We are praying and working with our leadership to find when and where God would have us to serve now.  We do hope to know more in the very next week.

Right now, what we need most of all is your prayer!  Please join us in praying for our leadership, and for ourselves, for God's clear direction and leading.  Please pray that God would be visible and working all around us and that He would make His will known.

Please pray for us also as we strive to be flexible, available and ready to serve in whatever way He may ask.

Additionally, for those who send us by supporting us financially, we do ask that you continue your financial support.  While we are away from Nicaragua, our work is piling up!  We will need every available resource when we get back (hopefully soon!) just to catch up on our ministry work there.

Most of all - please know that we are in no way leaving the mission field and that we are hoping to return to Nicaragua as soon as we can.  If we cannot return there just yet (safely) we will look for the way that God would have us to serve Him and to bring His Good News and love to others wherever He would ask us to go – until we can return to Nicaragua.

We will try to keep you updated as often as possible and hope to get a whole newsletter out soon with photos and ministry updates.

Thank you again for your support in prayer, love and financially as we strive to serve as missionaries with BMDMI.


If you need to contact us, please visit our "Contact Us" page at the left.  We would love to hear from you.

Mark & Diane Shade

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