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Welcome to the website for the Ministry of The Shades, in Nicaragua!

We are Mark & Diane Shade - missionaries to Nicaragua, through BMDMI.

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April 1 2020


You Can Make The Difference For Today

We’ve all heard the story of the car that got stuck on the train tracks with a train coming.  In the 2008 film “Fireproof”, we see just such a scene unfold.

A number of people all work together to lift the car off of the tracks and save the lives of those trapped inside.  Some were firefighters.  There was a soldier.  Some were just ordinary business men in suits.  But, none were superheroes.  All of them were ordinary human beings - working together for a common goal.

BMDMI has operated for 50 years under the lordship of Jesus Christ to evangelize the lost, disciple the saved and minister to the needs of the poor.  These three principles are accomplished in many ways including planting churches, training pastors, operating Christian schools, providing safe homes for children in need, providing surgery and other medical services in a hospital and clinic and supporting local churches, in addition to the short term medical and dental teams that are sent.

BMDMI is a stand-alone parachurch organization.  BMDMI is not owned by or funded by any other organization.  All of the funding for BMDMI to minister in conjunction with local churches in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and in Nepal comes from donations and members of our short-term teams.

As a result of the many impacts of the coronavirus on us all, BMDMI has arrived at a very difficult and unprecedented place.  Teams have had to forego their scheduled trips.  More teams may have to postpone or cancel as well as we all wait to see how this storm plays out.

BMDMI is now in dire need of your help.

Just like in Fireproof, everyone can help.  You don’t have to be a superhero, you don’t have to be a power weight lifter.  You don’t have to be a millionaire.  You just have to help in whatever way you are able.  Every donation helps.  Whether 100 people give $10 each or 10 people give $100, it all adds up!

Please take some extra time in prayer to ask how you may be able to help BMDMI continue in ministry during this extraordinary and unparalleled time.  Children in schools, pastors in churches, doctors in surgery, people in need will thank you for all coming together to help us keep ministering and sharing the gospel.

To help now please go to and click “GIVE”. 

Thank you again for your support in prayer, love and financially as we strive to serve as missionaries with BMDMI.

Please be sure to read our newest newsletter too!  And watch for another one very soon!  As we enter 2020 we hope to have some great news to share with you all about the work that God is doing here in Nicaragua with BMDMI.

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If you need to contact us, please visit our "Contact Us" page at the left.  We would love to hear from you.

Mark & Diane Shade

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